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Asian Enterprise (AE) is published monthly and distributed to the Asian Pacific American business community through subscription. It was founded to become the information source for the growing number of independent Asian Pacific American entrepreneurs throughout the United States. AE is lively and graphically attractive.  It focuses its editorials on women and minorities in business, certification policies and procedures, access to small business programs for subcontractors, the fiscal and business impacts of public activity, as well as the educational and cultural issues of special concern to the Asian Pacific American business community.  AE has become the voice of our business community to public policy makers, corporate America and the 33,000 others who read it !

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Learn about the issues that impact the Asian Pacific  American business community, women and minority-owned businesses today.
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Sizable Market With High Potential
The  ever-growing Asian American population in the United States and their  increased economic power has created a lucrative market for many  industries for more than a decade. Apart from the consumer market, Asian  American owned small businesses also grow in a rapid rate which  surpassed the non-minority Americans and other minority groups in terms  of both the number of firms and  the annual receipts.

Although   geographically, this target market is very convergent, ethically and   culturally, this “group” is in fact, quite diverse. The ethnic groups   who own most businesses in the United States are Chinese, Korean,   Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Asian Indian.

In  addition to  the ethnicity and cultural difference, the level of  assimilation, which  carries from the foreign born first generation  immigrants to the  American born and raised second and above  generations, impacts the  psychographics of the Asian American business  owners.
Asian American  buying power is expected to grow 42 percent, from $544 billion in 2010 to $775 billion in 2015
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